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Now that you’ve picked out your dream home, investing in a Buyer’s Inspection will give you peace of mind. Before completing your purchase, learn more about the home systems and components to ensure they are functioning properly. We will inspect the structure from the roof down to the foundation and nearly everything in between, performing deep dive investigations to identify those systems and components that are unsafe or exhibiting deficient performance.

Once you have an offer from a buyer, you will have a limited amount of time to correct any deficiencies found during the buyer’s home inspection. Knowing about deficiencies or other items that might require repair prior to listing will allow you more time to obtain quotes from multiple contractors and make the repairs in a more timely and economical manner. Correcting any concerns upfront may help the selling process proceed smoother and could result in better offers.

Even if you’ve owned your home for a while, a home inspection can still be of value to you. Do you know how old your furnace, AC or water heater are and how much longer they will last? Are there some areas of regular maintenance that you weren’t aware of and have neglected? Paying for unexpected repairs can put a strain on your finances. An owner’s inspection is a great way to hor simplyfy items that you could be budgeting for or simply ensure everything is in top shape, then you can feel more comfortable booking your dream vacation or buying that new set of wheels.

Everything is new! Why spend money on a home inspection? Although, all of the builders in our area do a great job and build wonderful homes, sometimes things still slip between the cracks. A small investment in a home inspection before you sign off and release the final payment to your builder can help avoid headaches down the road. Let us help to identify any potential issues before you move in. It’s typically a lot easier to make any repairs and corrections before your personal possessions are in the house.

After you’ve been in your new home for almost a year, it is a perfect time to obtain a professional home inspection. Your builder has likely provided you with a 12-month warranty that is about to expire. Living in the house, you are probably aware of a handful of items that you plan to have the builder correct before the warranty expires. However, are there any major impending issues that are not apparent? Hire Deep Dive Home Inspection LLC to perform a home inspection to identify any deficiencies before your warranty expires.

In Ohio, termite inspections are regulated and part of a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection. During a WDI inspection, licensed inspectors look for signs of activity of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powderpost beetles. WDI Inspectors must complete mandatory training, pass two exams and complete continuing education to obtain an Ohio WDI license. Often, a WDI inspection is required by your mortgage company before closing to ensure the property is free from infestation. Whether or not your mortgage company requires it, a WDI inspection is a small investment to provide you with peace of mind.

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